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The roof is one of the most important parts of a building. Indeed, it protects the whole structure of the house from various bad weather. As soon as a damage or a defect appears, it is necessary to quickly call upon a professional to restore as soon as possible the effectiveness and the waterproofness of your roof, otherwise water infiltration could damage many other interior elements.

Our four agencies will meet your needs for the renovation of your roof in the Var and Bouches-du-Rhône

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Roof renovation in Toulon

The renovation of roofs around Toulon (from Sanary-sur-Mer to La Londe), from the elaboration of the estimate to the realization of the services, is carried out by our agency of La Garde: headquarters of the company SAS MK.

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Roof renovation in Brignoles

Our exterior renovation company has a second agency in the Var ideally placed to perform roofing services in Brignoles. We also move in the cities around Brignoles(Camps-la-Source, Le Val, La celle...) for any project of roofing renovation.

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Roof renovation in Aubagne

Our exterior renovation company also has an agency in the Bouches du Rhône ideally placed to perform roofing services in Aubagne. We also move in the cities around Aubagne (La Ciotat, Gémenos...) for any project of roofing renovation.

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Roof renovation in Port-Grimaud

Recently installed in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, we now cover the entire eastern part of the VAR department. We offer roofing renovation as well as all other exterior renovation services.

How often should I maintain my roof?

The roof must be maintained on a regular basis in order to prolong its life.
It is preferable to inspect the roof on average once a year in order to detect any defects in its components such as tiles, ridges or structural wood elements.

Cleaning and maintenance can prevent problems such as leaks or water infiltration. During the cleaning, SAS MK will rid the roof of waste, mold and vegetation. The maintenance will then be done by the application of sealing products dedicated to the roofs to prevent them from being damaged.

Always call a professional roofer to inspect or maintain your roof in Toulon

We recommend that you do not inspect your roof yourself as climbing on a roof is extremely dangerous and requires specific skills and equipment. At SAS MK, we have all the skills, equipment, and insurance to safely inspect your roof so that you don't take any unnecessary risks.

Our intervention zone for a roofing service and a repair on your roof in Toulon

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Why have your roof cleaned by a roofer?

Cleaning your roof is essential to ensure its effectiveness over time. The roof needs cleaning to remove the various dirt that can accumulate over the years on the tiles.

In the south-east of France, we find mainly roofs with traditional clay tiles, perfect thermal insulation.

Why is there moss on my tiles?

Exposed all year round to rain, pollution, dead leaves and other waste from surrounding trees blown in by the wind, clay tile roofing needs to be cleaned regularly.

When the tiles are not cleaned, the humidity will encourage the development of plants (moss, lichen, fungus...) until sometimes covering the entire roof over the years.

What are the risks when there is moss on my roof?

The roof deteriorates and becomes fragile to the point of causing infiltration by capillary action (the tile becomes porous) and bringing humidity inside the house which can have consequences on the frame of the house, the insulation and the walls.

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Remove moss

To call a roofer in Toulon to remove the vegetal moss on the tiles

Roof de-mossing and cleaning removes moss and lichen from the roof tiles.

Moss removal is the first step in a maintenance program. It is most often done with a low pressure cleaning.

Then, at SAS MK, we carry out a treatment according to the type of dirt noted by the application of products adapted according to the plant (anti-foam, anti-mould, anti-lichen...), with immediate curative effect and as a preventive measure.

The preventive treatment will limit the future proliferation of mosses, fungi and lichens.

You want to proceed with the cleaning and maintenance of your roof? Contact us and get your estimate as soon as possible!

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What should I do if the tiles on my roof are porous?

What causes a porous roof?

After a few years, especially without maintenance and cleaning, the roof can present waterproofing problems. The dirt that accumulates on the roof will encourage the development of fungi, lichens and mold. The development of the roots of these plants will weaken the structure of the tile.

As a result, the tiles will become porous, which can lead to rainwater infiltration. Waterproofing the roof is the ideal solution to stop this phenomenon on old and porous tiles WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR ROOF.

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How do I waterproof my roof tiles?

The colorless water repellent treatment will reveal the natural color of your roof, but only if it is still in good quality.

The colorless waterproofing treatment for roofs is one of the most effective solutions used by our specialists to waterproof a roof, especially if the structure is still in good condition. It acts as a protective waterproofing film so that the roof becomes watertight and waterproof again and lasts longer WITHOUT BEING REPLACED.

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How to paint a roof?
By the colored waterproofing treatment

Sometimes you find that your roof (actually your tiles) no longer match your taste in aesthetics.

At SAS MK, we can also use colored water repellents to paint the tiles to modernize and give a new look to your home. Of course, like the colorless film, the colored water repellent will have a waterproofing effect on the entire surface of the roof.

This way, you kill two birds with one stone: a rejuvenated roof that suits your taste and a waterproofing treatment that prevents infiltration.

Beyond the fact that it brings a new air to your roof and thus to your house, waterproofing is MUCH less expensive than a total repair.

Request a quote for a porous tile problem

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How does a roofer like SAS MK prevent water infiltration through the roof?

Roof waterproofing is essential to protect the roof structure, the walls and everything else inside your home. Some of the most common causes of water infiltration are problems at the ridge and flashing - particularly sensitive roofing features.

The repair of the ridge of your roof in Toulon

The ridge is the structure that joins the slopes at the top of the roof. A faulty ridge will cause infiltration.
To remedy this, SAS MK can use different repair techniques, depending on the cause and extent of the infiltration. There are several methods to repair the ridge:

the traditional method: Re-construction of the ridge in masonry with cement and tiles.


Installation of a ventilated aluminium ridge cap under the ridge tiles.


Installation of a flexible flashing reinforced with a mesh in the colors of the tile Type WAKAFLEX on the ridge.

The work will be easier if the ridge is only partially damaged, it is possible to repair it without having to remove all the ridge tiles.

Of course, if the ridge is badly damaged, it must be replaced by removing the existing one and then installing a ventilated ridge cap, or a wakaflex, or by reshaping a traditional ridge.

broken ridgerepaired ridge
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The installation of the flashing on your roof in Toulon

The flashing is a device installed on the connection areas of the roof (chimney, wall section when there is a drop in the roof...) to ensure watertightness. In case of water infiltration, the junction between the roof and the walls must be checked as well as the different connection points.

Most of the time, cracks are the main cause of infiltration. To remedy this, at SAS MK, we use lead or Wakaflex for the repair of these singular points of the roof in order to restore their optimal waterproofing.

Request a quote from our team for the repair of your roofing problems, including water infiltration.

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