Calling on a facade builder in Brignoles

The importance of a facade renovation in Brignoles

The restoration of the facades and visible accessories of a dwelling is what is called the facade restoration. According to the code of construction and housing, the facade of a housing must be kept in perfect condition for the safety of its occupants. It is even a legal obligation in some municipalities. SAS MK, a company specialized in exterior renovation and facade contractor in Toulon brings you some answers concerning the facade renovation in Brignoles.

Facade in Brignoles

Why call on a facade builder in Brignoles?

In the construction sector, the facade worker is the one who deals with the application of plaster on the most visible area of a building or a dwelling. It can only be done by a qualified professional. The facade renovation by a facade contractor in Brignoles has many advantages for both the building and the residents.

To renovate your home

One of the biggest advantages of facade cleaning in Brignoles is to limit the dangers linked to erosion and the rise of filiforms. A high pressure cleaning allows to bring out all the hidden defects of your walls such as cracks, damaged stones or bricks. It can also be about the presence of moisture, heat decay or air infiltration which can cause important damages. By calling upon SAS MK, you will be able to avoid these dangers, because the cleaning during the restoration will facilitate the treatments to be recommended.

First, we will probe the facade to see the adhesion of the new coating and remove the non-adherent parts if necessary. The next step will be to high pressure wash the wall before rebuilding it. The treatment ends with the application of a finishing and waterproofing coating.

To give a beautiful aesthetic to your home to preserve its value

To proceed to the restoration of its frontage consists in offering a second youth to him in addition to the thermal advantages. During the facade restoration work, the exterior walls that have been damaged and dirtied by the weather are cleaned. It is also the opportunity for you to change the exterior coating of your facade: new paint, new coating or plaster depending on the type of exterior wall. Your facade will thus have a new appearance, which will give an additional value to your house in case of resale of the property.

What is a facade renovation?

The facade restoration is a technique of renovation of the external walls. Its main objective is to restore the exterior walls of a house and its visible accessories. This allows to refresh the facade and to renovate it. A facade should not be a risk for the safety of the occupants. Therefore, it must be well maintained and resistant. Facades must also protect the structure from capillary rise and water runoff.

Over time, your exterior walls can suffer from microcracks and cracks leading to capillary rise. As a result, you may be faced with insulation damage. Façade restoration work is the best way to remedy these problems. Whether you live in Brignoles or its surroundings, notably in Val, Camps-la-Source, Vins-sur-Caramy, our exterior home renovation company offers you a quick and efficient intervention. SAS MK takes care of all your work.

beautiful facade in white coating in paca
building facade renovated in paint

How long does a facade renovation in Brignoles take?

Façade restoration work is a real job that can last for several days. The exact time for this type of work depends on several factors:

  • the condition of your exterior walls,
  • the preparation of the site,
  • the installation of the coating,
  • the weather.

Very damaged walls will take longer. Depending on your needs, the size of your house and the condition of the facade, the preparation of the work site by the professional can be more or less long. The installation of the coating can vary by several days depending on the number of coats and the product you wish to apply. Note that SAS MK carries out facade renovations with natural lime coating.

The weather can also affect the duration of the work, because the coating cannot be applied when it rains or freezes. An intervention for a surface of about 100 m² can be done in about 2 weeks. However, this time may vary depending on the factors mentioned above. To know the duration of the renovation of your facade in Brignoles, the best thing to do is to discuss with the facade contractor in charge of the work.

How to find a good facade builder in Brignoles?

A good façade craftsman must be able to assure you a well done work according to your expectations. The professional must also respect the deadlines for the completion of the work. Our facade craftsmen are concerned with work ethics. Contact SAS MK for the renovation of your façade. We guarantee you a work to measure.

What is the price of a façade builder in Brignoles?

The price of a façade contractor in Brignoles depends on several criteria: the duration of the work, the technical level of the intervention, the condition of the façade, the location of your house, etc. It is therefore a fixed price. For the restoration of your facade, we provide you with an estimate at the right price established according to a diagnosis carried out by our care. Choosing SAS MK, expert facade contractor for more than 35 years, is the assurance of a detailed and precise estimate without guaranteed additional work.

Façadier working on a façade in Brignoles

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